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Deba Knives

Japanese Deba Knife


Deba Knife Specs

  • Blade Type: Single-bevel / Double-bevel
  • Blade Length: 12–24 cm

About Deba Knives
A Deba knife is used to grate fish and is usually single-edged. A 10 to 14 cm blade is called a Ko-Deba (small Deba), and a 15 cm or longer blade is called a thick blade, with a peak as broad as 1 cm.

Yoshimune Knives Kuro-Uchi kitchen knives are produced in Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan's most prominent production area for steel kitchen knives. Because of its location facing the Pacific Ocean and the variety of fish harvested, Yoshimune Knives produces double-edged knives in pursuit of ease of cooking fish.

Fish heads are hard and require a lot of force to drop or split in two, but by placing your palm against the thick peak, you can safely push off the fish with your weight in a stable position. Thus, we recommend these knives to fishers and those who like to cook fish often!

Carbon steel is mainly Aogami (Blue) steel #2, which has the best overall balance of performance. Specifically, Aogami (Blue) steel #2 has the following features:
  1. Contains chromium and is resistant to rust.
  2. High hardness (HRC60) and good sharpness.
  3. Tough blade resistant to spills.
  4. It is not as hard as Aogami Super (HRC64) or #1 (HRC62) and is relatively easy to sharpen.

Shirogami (White) steel is pure carbon steel and is reasonably priced, but it rusts easily. We have a variety of stainless steel types, including Ginzo, AUS10/8, and others.

Left vs. Right-Handed Deba Knives
The price of a left-handed single-edged knife is about 1.5 times that of a right-handed knife, but if you sharpen both blades to about 2:8, it will be as easy to use as a single-edged knife.

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