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Usuba Knives

Japanese Usuba Knife


Usuba Knife Specs

  • Blade Type: Single-bevel
  • Blade Length: 16–21 cm
About Usuba Knives

Usuba (literally "thin blade"), as its name implies, has a thin edge aimed at professionals. Often used for rotary cutting and peeling veggies.


The steel is mainly Blue Paper #2, which has high hardness (HRC60-62), but is relatively easy to sharpen, has good tenacity (rugged), has excellent sharpness, and offers the best balance of performance.

Blue steel (Aogami (Blue) steel #2), which has the best overall balance of performance, is mainly used for carbon steel. Specifically, Aogami (Blue) steel #2 has the following features:
  1. Contains chromium and is rust-resistant.
  2. High hardness (HRC60) and good sharpness.
  3. Tough blade and is resistant to spills.
  4. Hard as Aogami Super (HRC64) or #1 (HRC62) steel and is relatively easy to sharpen.

Shirogami (White) steel is pure carbon steel that is reasonably priced but rusts easily. We have a variety of stainless steels such as Ginzan, VG10/5/1, AUS10/8, high-speed powdered steel (SRS, SG2), and others.

Usuba vs. Nakiri Knives

Usuba are vegetable knives similar to Nakiri except for their single-bevel blade.

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