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Petty Knives

Japanese Petty Knife


About Petty Knives

Petty knives are ideal for cutting fruits, small vegetables, cheese, etc. The blade length is generally 13–15 cm. However, because it is small and easy to use, some people cook with this one knife, treating it as an all-purpose knife.

Blade Care

Stainless steel, resistant to rust, is often used, especially since fruits are acidic. In our store, in order of hardness and blade durability, powdered HSS steel (SRS, SG2), Ginzo, VG10/AUS10, AUS8, VG5, VG, etc. are available.

In addition to the blue paper stainless clad carbon steel, forged Koyanagi knives are used in place of petty knives and have excellent sharpness. Steel is sensitive to acid, so it is crucial to maintain blades by washing and draining thoroughly after use to prevent rusting.

Complementary Knife Types

If you're looking to put together a basic knife set that will equip you for almost any cooking scenario, we recommend getting a Santoku, Nakiri, and Petty knife.

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