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Outdoor Knives

Japanese Outdoor Knife


Outdoor Knife Specs

  • Blade Type: Double-bevel
  • Blade Length: 10–24 cm
About Outdoor Knives

Whereas most outdoor knives are stainless steel, ours are hammer-forged using carbon steel called Aogami (blue paper) steel. Their tenacious blades make them handy for cutting food and even plants.

This is a unique knife that can only be produced by the artisans of Tosa City in Japan's Kochi Prefecture. Their forging techniques have been developed over generations making knives, swords, machetes, and sickles that require high durability even under harsh conditions.


Blue steel (Aogami (Blue) steel #2, which has the best overall balance of performance, is mainly used for carbon steel. Specifically, Aogami (Blue) steel #2 has the following features:
  1. Contains chromium and is rust-resistant.
  2. High hardness (HRC60) and good sharpness.
  3. Tough blade and is resistant to spills.
  4. Not as hard as Aogami Super (HRC64) or #1 (HRC62) steel and is relatively easy to sharpen.

Shirogami (White) steel is pure carbon steel and is reasonably priced, but it is prone to rust.

Outdoor Knife Finishes

We offer two beautiful finishes: kurouchi (blacksmith's finish) and polished. However, please note that this knife is prone to rust when exposed to salt. After use, they should be thoroughly washed with detergent and rinsed using tap water.

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