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Kobocho Knives

Japanese Kobocho Knife


About Kobocho Knives

Kobocho are short and wide knives with sharp blades ideal for intricate tasks such as deboning, filleting, and grating small fish.


The steel used is mainly Aogami #2, which has high hardness (HRC60-62), but is relatively easy to sharpen, has good tenacity (rugged), has excellent sharpness, and offers the best balance of performance.

Carbon steel is mainly Aogami (Blue) steel #2, which offers the best overall balance of performance. Specifically, Aogami (Blue) steel #2 has the following features:

  1. Contains chromium and is rust-resistant.
  2. High hardness (HRC60) and good sharpness.
  3. Tough blade and resistant to spills.
  4. Not as hard as Aogami Super (HRC64) or #1 (HRC62) steel and is relatively easy to sharpen.
Shirogami (White) steel is pure carbon steel that is reasonably priced but rusts easily. We have a variety of stainless steels such as Ginzan, VG10/5/1, AUS10/8, high-speed powdered steel (SRS, SG2), and others.