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Koyanagi Knives


Japanese Koyanagi Knife



Koyonagi Knife Specs

  • Blade Type: Double-bevel
  • Blade Length: 6–21 cm
About Koyonagi Knives

Koyonagi knives are slim double-bevel Yanagi-type knives designed for sashimi. However, they are also easy to handle when preparing small fish and meat.

Their double-bevel blades are suitable for right and left-handed people. Shorter ones (6–13.5 cm) make an excellent substitute for petty knives. Meanwhile, the longer ones (15–21 cm) are best suited to cutting fish, either sashimi or cooked, at home.


Blue steel (Aogami (Blue) steel #2, which has the best overall balance of performance, is mainly used for carbon steel. Specifically, Aogami (Blue) steel #2 has the following features:

  1. Contains chromium and is rust-resistant.
  2. High hardness (HRC60) and good sharpness.
  3. Tough blade and resistance to spills.
  4. Not as hard as Aogami Super (HRC64) or #1 (HRC62) steel and is relatively easy to sharpen.

Shirogami (White) steel is pure carbon steel and is reasonably priced, but it is prone to rust.

Koyonagi vs. Deba Knives

Koyonagi and Deba knives are complementary. If you want to prepare fish dishes, having a set consisting of a double-edged Deba knife and a Koyonagi knife will be ideal.