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Deba Kurouchi 180 mm (7.1 in) Aogami (Blue) #2 Double-Bevel Thick-Type


Handle Type | Magnolia


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Deba Kurouchi 180 mm (7.1 in) Aogami (Blue) #2 Double-Bevel Thick-Type


Handle Type


  • Product Description
      • Type: Deba 
      • Finish: Kurouchi 
      • Blade Length: 180 mm (7.1 in) 
      • Construction: Hon-Warikomi
      • Core Edge Steel: Aogami (Blue) #2 
      • HRC (Rockwell Hardness): 61-63
      • Handle: Magnolia  or Walnut with resin ferrule
      • Bevel: Double-Bevel 
      • Place of Origin: Tosa, Japan
      • Remarks: Thick-type

      A kitchen knife for filleting fish has a thick, wide, and heavy blade with a thin and sharp tip. Its thick base and heavy blade make it easy to cut through bones and decapitate fish. Its sharp tip also makes it easier to cut and slice through fish. Deba knives are usually single-bevel, but double-bevel versions can easily slice through any ingredient. Its double-bevel blade is excellent for both right and left-handed people.

      Blue (Aogami) #2 (Hitachi Metals Ltd.) is made by adding Chromium and Tungsten / Wolfram to White Steel #2. This results in increased toughness and the production of hard carbide molecules, which improve edge retention. Many knife users have noted that while Blue Steel #2 is very similar to White Steel #2 in terms of edge sharpness, it has slightly superior edge retention.

  • Customer Reviews

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    Though I did take it out of its box and handle it for a very short time it was insanely sharp. It carried a little forward weight but I am sure that is because of the style of the knife. I expect it to be used fully and it was beautiful.

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    • Variant: Magnolia
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    • Product Type: Deba