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Gyuto Kurouchi 120 mm (4.7 in) Aogami (Blue) #2 Double-Bevel


Handle Type | Walnut


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Gyuto Kurouchi 120 mm (4.7 in) Aogami (Blue) #2 Double-Bevel


Handle Type


  • Product Description
      Type: Gyuto/ All purpose Knife / Chefs Knife
      Construction: Hon-Warikomi (Iron Clad Blue #2 Hi Carbon steel)
      Method: Hammer Forged
      Blade Length: 120mm (4.7inch)
      Blade Hight: 36mm(1.4inch)
      Weight: about 85g(3oz)
      Spine Thickness: 3mm/at heel
      Core Edge Steel: Blue (Aogami) #2 High Carbon Steel
      Blade Type: Double-bevel
      HRC (Rockwell Hardness): 60-62
      Finishing: Black Finish (Kurouchi)
      Handle: Japanese, Walnut (Kurumi)
      Place of Origin: Tosa, Japan
      Fully hand forged 100% handmade.

      Originally a Western meat knife, it’s also used for fish and vegetables due to its versatility. Its long blade is favored by professionals but can still be used by casuals and cooking enthusiasts. Its double-bevel blade is a fine choice for both right and left-handed people.

      Blue (Aogami) #2 (Hitachi Metals Ltd.) is made by adding Chromium and Tungsten / Wolfram to White Steel #2. This results in increased toughness and the production of hard carbide molecules, which improve edge retention. Many knife users have noted that while Blue Steel #2 is very similar to White Steel #2 in terms of edge sharpness, it has slightly superior edge retention.
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    Nice little knife

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    • Variant: Walnut
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    • Product Type: Gyuto