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Santoku 170 mm (6.7 in) VG10 Cobalt Special Damascus (63 Layers) Double-Bevel



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Santoku 170 mm (6.7 in) VG10 Cobalt Special Damascus (63 Layers) Double-Bevel


  • Product Description
      • Type: Santoku
      • Finish: Polished Damascus 63 layers
      • Blade Length: 170 mm (6.7 in)
      • Construction: Stainless Clad 
      • Core Edge Steel: VG10 Cobalt Special
      • HRC (Rockwell Hardness): 58-59
      • Handle: Sakura (cherry)
      • Bevel: Double-Bevel
      • Place of Origin: Japan

      The universal and representative all-purpose knife for home use has the strengths of both the traditional nakiri and the Western butcher's knife. Santoku means "three uses" or "three virtues," derived from its flexibility in cutting meat, fish, and vegetables. Its double-bevel blade is more comprehensive than a Gyuto, making it a fine choice for right and left-handed people.

      Cobalt Special (CoSP) is a super high-grade stainless steel for cutlery that provides outstanding corrosion resistance, wear resistance, grindability, and workability achieved through a particular remelting method that results in a uniform composition and fine dispersion of carbides.

      According to our data, it contains 1.1% carbon (C) and 16% chromium (Cr), exerting incomparable corrosion resistance.

      Tungsten (W) improves tempering resistance, molybdenum (Mo) contributes to further improvement of corrosion resistance, and vanadium (V) enables a more refined microstructure. Cobalt (Co) strengthens the matrix and effectively maintains a long-lasting sharp edge.

      The significant advantage of Cobalt Special is that the microstructure obtained by this exceptional steelmaking technique maximizes the effect of each added element.

  • Product Details
    • Variant: Cherry
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    • Product Type: Santoku